This page started as a personal bookmarks page.  No matter what computer I was using, I could
always get to my bookmarks.  This was originally written somewhere around late '97 early '98 and
has been updated infrequently.  Please note, when clicking on a link, it should open in a new browser

Linux links

"News for Nerds...Stuff that Matters"  A cutting edge source for the latest Linux
(and most Open-Source software)news. Use flame retardant browsers.  
If you read Slashdot, check out Humorix.        Segfault is pretty funny too.

User Friendly
I read this everyday...finally a cartoon that I enjoy.

San Gabriel Valley Linux User Group(SGVLUG)
My local area LUG.

VA Research
 The first hardware vendor to offer Linux pre-installed.  They also host Linux International's website. 
Oh yeah, check out their Board of Directors.
Slashdot for adults.

Linux International
 A non-profit organization dedicated to Linux advocacy and much more.

Linux Distributions

Red Hat Software


Caldera Software

Debian Software

S.u.S.E  Software


The Gimp
 The "Photoshop" of the Linux world. Thanks to Larry Ewing and GIMP, 
we have Tux the Penguin!

 One of the Desktop Environments available to Unix systems. 
Available as a free download.

 Another Desktop Environment also available as a free download. 
Red Hat has donated money to help progress.

Linux Documentation Project
 A collaborative effort of many volunteers to provide timely information and help for Linux users.
If you use it frequently, please use a mirror site.

 A Linux reseller that offers most distributions on CD-ROM for as little as $1.99! 
Why download when you can get it on CD for that kind of cash?

Unix links

O'Reilly & Associates
 The standard in *nix documentation.  It's hard to live without a good Ora reference.

Solaris Central
Non-Sun page for Solaris info.  Also for some misc. Solaris info:

 The Advanced Computing Systems Association. 
You can become a "Supporting member" for only $1000.00 per year! Maybe next year...

Unix Users Association of Southern California.

 A site with lots of links to resources. Also some general info on *nix.

The Unix Reference Desk
 An extensive reference site with some tutorials for beginners. 
Check out the humor  section at the bottom of the page.

Unix Guru Universe
 You could spend months here. Information overload!

Stokely Consulting
Unix Sysadm Resources

General Reference
 Do you really need a description?

 A new search engine that has a nice Linux search feature.

Open Directory Project
 A search engine based on the Open Source philosophy of many volunteers.

 Need I say more?
This isn't really a reference link, just a unpaid endorsement. 
I love these overnight delivery on most items and they have very good prices. 
Not to mention they had some pretty funny commercials.


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