Linux How-to pages I wrote:

Below you will find some step by step help setting up various things.  These are related to 
Red Hat 5.0 to 5.2 with 2.0.3x kernel.

Here is a  how-to on setting up PPP under Red Hat. It is ridicuously easy in X once you know how, 
unfortunately this seems to be a common problem with beginners.  I am also going to include instructions on 
how to set up PPP  in KDE and probably GNOME too.

A how-to on setting up an Iomega Zip SCSI internal drive with the Zip Zoom card is done.  You can 
see it here.  If  you have a Jaz or Zip drive, there is a GUI utility for mounting, unmounting by non-root users. 
It is called jaZip and you can download it here.

Here are some screenshots of Gnome, KDE, fvwm95,WindowMaker, and Enlightenment.



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